Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weekly update

Well, I have had a pretty busy week, but that is what I expected. And any hope of a diet has been thrown out the window, but that too is what I have expected.

I came back from Florida (sniffle) on Sunday night. Monday I worked, went grocery shopping, and the night was spent with my small group ladies at Dolce. Yummy. Afterward I stopped by Kendol's house and we formally broke up. We had a few differences that just kept resurfacing. And they were things that were deal breakers. So, we have chosen to remain friends but no longer date.

Tuesday I worked all day, worked out, and then I really can't remember what I did... sad but true. I think I went to sleep. But who knows!

Wednesday night Kendol and I stopped by for a quick chat before I headed to Lynette's apartment. We at dinner at our usual hang out (Marlo's) before heading to her apartment to watch Rent. Good movie!!

Thursday I was supposed to catch up with Ashley however she wasn't feeling well so I spent post-work going for a run, completely emptying out my kitchen and then drinking martini's, eating popcorn, and watching movies (My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Mrs. Henderson Presents... both very good!!). It was a wonderful night before I passed out from the martinis!

The reason I had to empty out the kitchen was so the apartment could come in and 'spray' for bugs. It annoys me, I tell them that the bugs are coming from my kitchen drain so they spray in to my cabinet. Of course it did nothing. They sprayed Friday morning and by Friday night they were back. Please pray for me. I need it to keep my sanity!

Friday I spent the afternoon getting my taxes done (it was refreshingly good... I am actually getting money back) and then I dyed my hair and watched the past 2 Sunday messages at Buckhead church. As always, wonderful!! Then I took a nap before heading to Marcus's house. We spent the evening watching a movie, eating dinner and then went out for dessert. It was a very fun night.

Today I am back to work at Cbeyond. This evening I am running a few pre-vacation errands before catching up with my friend Dee. Tomorrow I am working and then getting together with Marcus again before heading out on Monday.

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