Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Train!!!

I almost forgot to mention!!! On the train home we were sitting in our own little sealed off section when 2 Italian police officers came in and started talking. Andrea reached for his bag but I had no clue what was going on. I looked at Andrea asking if we had to go somewhere and he said no, they are just looking for identification. We all pulled out our ID's and handed them over. They studied my passport for a while and Andrea noticed that the officer mentioned that it was a passport from the United States. They took down the information from all our ID's, held Andrea's the longest, and kept moving.

It was the first time that this has happened to Andrea and he rides the train quite frequently. I am just glad that he was there as I had gotten quite nervous not knowing what they were saying!!


Kendol said...

Wow it sounds like that was quite an unusual experience. Was there anything going on in the area at that time? Or Maybe your both Fugitives ;-) who knows?!? lol

Anonymous said...

Tornado confirmed DOWNTOWN ATLANTA!!

Friday between 9:30 pm & 10:00 pm a confirmed Tornado went through 6 miles of downtown Atlanta. There was a Hawks game in the Phillips arena and MCAA tournament games at the Georgia Dome. So downtown was packed with people. Lots of damage, mostly broken glass and damage to roofs and siding but no one was killed. Hopefully there wasn’t any damage to your house or car or anyone you know!! Glad you weren’t there!! Saturday lots more storms went through north of Atlanta and this time 2 people were killed. Good time to be on vacation!!

Hopefully you’re having a GREAT weekend with no rain!!

Hopefully no more run-ins with the police!!
Love, Dad & Mom