Monday, March 24, 2008

Day after Easter!

We had a very good, very lazy Easter day!! Andrea and his Dad made us lunch... which was a TON of food!! We had a first course of salmon on toasted bread, stuffed mushrooms, and hard boiled eggs with a ton of stuff stuffed in them! For the next course we had lasagna with mushroom and bacon-like ham and cheese and some other stuff. For the third course we had rabbit and roasted potatos. For dessert we had a neopolitan cake that I had helped make the day before!! It all was sooooo good but more than enough for a few days. I do not know how I have been hungry at all after all that food!

After lunch we pretty much laid on the couch and watched the television. We are lucky that they have a lot of American TV here and we are able to choose English for the language if the program was origionally in English!!! E! had a marathon of Girls Next Door... a show that I love... so Britt and I pretty much watched that all day!

At night, a friend of Andrea stopped by and we went out to the city center for drinks (Andrea does not sit well so we all had to go out of the house). We went to a bar called Hemmingways and we had a lot of fun.

I do not know what our plans are for today. I know there is a market just down the street that I may walk to... I need it after all the food yesterday! Besided its a beautifully sunny day and I need to be out in it!!

Tomorrow Britt and I are going to go to Milan for the day and then back to Venice at night. I will spend Wednesday in Venice and then fly out Thursday morning. I will post the flight schedule soon for those who want it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!! Have fun your last few days!!
Love, Dad & Mom