Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ciao!! I am in ITALY!!!

The flights were uneventful, I was fed dinner last night around 6pm EST and breakfast this morning at about 5am Italy time... hehe and I made it thru customs just fine. Then had another uneventful flight from Rome to Venice. Although it was uneventful I didn't get much of any sleep.

Andrea picked me up from the airport and then he I spent the afternoon walking around Venice. After not sleeping in the plane and all the walking I am tired. It sprinkled all afternoon so I did not take many pictures. But it did clear up so I am going to try to go back out later after a quick nap and snap a few pictures.

There was a plan change... I am going spend the night here and Andrea is going to go pick up Britt tonight and they will be back here in the afternoon tomorrow. Andrea's Mom's friend is having a surgery so he is going to spend the evening with them before picking up Britt and basically heading right back here. So if I don't make it to get pictures tonight I will go out tomorrow morning. Then on Thursday the 3 of us are going to Bologna.

When I have a few more pictures I will post them!!

My cell has no service here so it will be off and I will not be able to get calls.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!!! I monitored your flight last night & this am. Glad everything was uneventful -- too bad you couldn't get any sleep on the LONG flight. We'll keep watching for updates!
Love, Dad & Mom