Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Roma, Italy

March is the perfect time of year to travel to Italy. I would highly recommend it!!!! Today was absolutely beautiful. There was sun, there was heat, there was the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and a ton of fun in between. And now that its night and we are home its thundering and lightening. I still say someone is watching out for me!! Thank you Jesus!!

Britt is starting to make fun of me for the number of pictures that I am taking but I don't care!! I love the pictures!! They are uploading now... hopefully I will have them all uploaded semi-quickly. It takes a looooooong time.

This morning we started the day out at the Coliseum and its just huge. Its amazing all that you can see. They have a section set up to show you what it would have looked like when it was originally built however most of it is still the ruins. Its neat that we were able to see under the floor into what would have been 'back-stage' back in the day!! All I could think about is all the work that had to be done to build such a place!!!

Right next door is the Roman Forum, which is basically the birthplace of Rome. Its where the original Senate was, it was where all of the leaders of the town came, its where everything important was done and built. Now, I am able to see it all. In my Rick Steve's book there is a walking tour of the Forum, which Britt and I took. So much history.

However, my favorite part of the day came next. We walked thru the Palastine Hill, which is where all the politicians, dictators, and lawyers would have lived. In such a large city this hill feels so out of place. I could have been walking thru back-hills anywhere... or anywhere that has amazing ruins!! It was beautiful to have the ruins, with green grass, trees blooming, a few wild flowers, birds chirping. I took soooooo many pictures of this. It over-looked the Forum and the Coliseum. I just changed my main picture of the blog to me in front of the Coliseum on Palastine Hill.

After the Hill we walked down some more ruins and into the shopping district... which, of course, was packed!! I was hungry and not in the mood for the people so we walked to the Trevi Fountain. I took a couple pictures however there were so many people there we didn't stay long. Next we found lunch and at it on the Spanish Steps. I didn't take a picture of the Spanish Steps but it would have been very difficult to... not any really good angle and so many people sitting on them it wouldn't have been a very good picture anyway.

Around the Spanish Steps are some really designer shops so I walked around them... and got locked inside Cartier (a jewelry store)!! I couldn't believe it, they had locked me in!! I had to ask to be let out!! Heh!

The next stop was the top of a hill by the Spanish Steps that overlooked a lot of Rome. It was very pretty but very windy... so cold!! We didn't stay there long before heading to the Piazza for the People... its one of the biggest Piazza's that I have been in!! Huge!! Britt and I waited for Niko there and then we visited a friend of her's who was working, got some gelato, and then headed for home. I have made it my personal mission to have gelato every day that I am in Italy!! I think its a good mission!!!! On the way home we stopped for dinner... a kabab!! Yummy!!

Now its time to sleep so I will be ready for another day of touring... tomorrow is the Vatican!!

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