Sunday, March 09, 2008

The fight continues...

As I am sure it will continue to. First they were in my coffee maker. Now they are sitting on my temperature controller. Seriously.

I went home last night (which was very cold) and walked into my equally cold apartment. Wanting to warm up I walked to my kitchen to turn on the heat and there was a large bug on my temperature control! There was one even bigger on my counter... may they rest in peace.

Although I won the battle I think they will win the war.

Please pray for me.

P.S. the newest in my arsenal is Drano. I will use it when I get back from Italy and let you know how it works.


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Russ said...

Put bleach down your drain before you leave then put the stopper in. do this to all drains. Might help? also borax (sp) acid in the powder form mix with flour and water to a paste put in clear plastic wrap with the end open so they can get inside to eat. they WILL die.