Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bologna, Italy

Today Andrea and I were up around 10am (I was very proud as I didn't fall asleep until about 4am) and had some breakfast. I had coffee, he had tea, and we both shared a few cookies (they call them cookies here but they are like a sweet English-style cracker).

Then Andrea headed out to his friends graduation party in Bologna and I waited for Fletcher to wake up. Since he had his flight the night before I didn't want to wake him up too early. However, around noon I finally woke him. We took the 2pm train and ended up in Bologna around 4:30pm. We took the long train on accident. It should have been more like an hour & a half.

Once we were in Bologna we were hungry!!! So we got a map, headed to the town center, and on the way stopped for a kabob, which was not at all like I had expected... I thought of meat on a stick, it was more like a gyro. I think it was very good, otherwise I was very hungry!! Either way I ate it quickly. I also had a the (accent over the e) and it too was very good -- I took a picture of it!

Apparently Bologna is a tourist destination for Italian people so there was quite a lot of shopping, however I did none. We did made our way to the city square. One of the biggest monuments are 2 towers in the city square, which I had a lot of fun taking pictures of. I also took quite a few more pictures.

Then Fletcher and I joined Andrea at his friends graduation party. In Italy the graduation party is generally in a bar/restaurant, is very exciting, with family, friends and a lot of drinking. the friends make a very large poster of the 'life events' of the graduating person and its animated and very funny. Afterwards the friends dress up the graduated person in funny outfits and parade them around town. Its quite cute.

Fletcher and I stayed at the party a few minutes before heading across town to the stand that Andrea swears has the best gilato. I thought it was very good!! But then I haven't ran across a dessert yet that I don't like. We were then to meet Andrea in the city square to walk back to the train depot however we were quite early so we window shopped until our feet hurt and then went to the square and found a bar for a spritz. Yummy!!

On the way back we had Andrea who made sure we got on the express train!! Much faster. It was probably a lot faster because on the way there Fletcher and I were hungry, tired and ready to be in Bologna. On the way back we had great conversation!!

Once back, Fletcher was starving again so we went out for dinner and I had a wonderful panini. Now I am uploading my pictures to my website.

Tomorrow we are off to Verona, where Andrea is originally from. His mother is letting us stay in her apartment for the weekend. I am excited for the new adventures!!

Goda!! Enjoy!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates & pictures. It's still COLD here!!!
Love, Dad & MOM

Kendol said...

Nice Pictures, I like the one of King Neptune. It sounds like your having a blast and that there are so many sites and beautiful areas to explore!! Keep me informed and God bless.

Ciao :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic time you are having!! Love the pictures.
Love, Grandma E