Friday, March 28, 2008

Urban Gardener

So, what does an urban garden look like? Well for me it looks like this...

To aid in the war against the roaches, I had to go to the Home Depot today to get borax. While there I figured I would get some basil since I would like to have some fresh and on-hand. I got the borax and was looking at the basil when I figured I should also get rosemary. And you can't have just 2 plants sitting there... you need 3. So I got some chives too! I found a few cute pots and figured, why not try tomatoes too. I was on the phone with my dad and he explained that they have upside down tomato plants that you can get. I asked around and found out that Home Depot didn't have that but they did have a hanging basket that would have tomatoes in them! Score. However, they didn't have just tomatoes... it was tomatoes, peppers, and purple basil. I checked the price and it would have cost more to put it together myself. So I got it pre-made.

I had to make a few other stops but it was nice every time I got in and out of my car... it smelled soooo good!! I got home and started out by hanging the tomato/basil/pepper plant and that was not easy!! I am just a weak girl (wink, wink) and had to get my hook anchored in the wood beam. It took some work and some engineering with tools but I got the hook up. After that, I began planting the rest and realized that the potting soil that I already had wasn't enough. I only got one plant potted!! I also found my old pots so I headed back to Home Depot and got some more soil and a few more little flowers!! I have gotten everything outside potted and cleaned up... check out the pictures!!

On a side note, I wasn't able to sleep last night so I got up around 7am. I have gotten a lot done (got the plants potted, worked out, got some groceries, unpacked, cleaned a little) today but the sleepiness is starting to hit me!! I still need a shower and would like to do my laundry... time to get off the computer and get that finished before I pass out!!

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Anonymous said...

Like your pics...however, where is the picture of the new coffee maker?????