Friday, March 21, 2008

Back in Verona!

After a 6 hour train ride sitting next to the family from Deliverance, Britt and I finally made it back to Verona!! This time we are staying at Andreas Dads house. I am sleepy and ready for the holiday weekend!!!! Happy Easter Weekend!!

I am also having some technical difficutly... I am not able to get my computer onto the network! Right now I am on the house computer. Uggh... how can I call myself a computer technician!! I have found the WEP pass-key and my computer says that its connected, however I am not able to access a website or ping anywhere. I have no clue why!! Maybe I am just sleepy and can try it out again tomorrow :( Wish me luck!!

Tomorrow we have plans to go downtown and pick up my jeans!! Then Britt wants to do some shopping and get a kabob. I want gelato!! Andrea says there is more to Italy that kabobs and gelato, but Britt and I just do not comprehend... maybe it just does not translate!! Hehe!! At night we may be going with Andrea to Saturday night mass and then Sunday will be Easter and a nice dinner. If its nice on Sunday I think we are going to go to a park.

I will keep you in the loop as much as possible!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! We were having withdrawals from lack of posts!! It’s been a few hours you know!! We’re heading to GR tomorrow & the Horse tomorrow night. We’re going to church Sunday with Grandma P then out to dinner with Mike, Linda, Shana, Amy, Rogor, Kelly & Dan. Marie & Adam may join us. Happy Easter!!! What an incredible place to celebrate it!!
Love, Dad & Mom