Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mattina Piovosa!! Rainy Morning!!

Well, since its been raining most of the morning I decided to caption some of my pictures and to upload as many of the pictures from Rome as possible before Britt wakes up!! So far I have all the pictures up to Florence, Italy (March 18, 2008) uploaded and captioned! Now I am uploading the pictures of Rome. Once I have them uploaded they will be linked as well.

Check out the pictures from Florence!!!

And lets see how long it takes for Britt to wake up...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates & beautiful pictures! Dan headed back to CMU this am. He loaded Skype on his computer & has a microphone so hopefully you can talk with him too. We’ll be in Grand Rapids Sat & Sun. with a get-together at 6:30 at the Horse to celebrate Dan & Uncle Rogor’s birthday & a farewell to Dan. Hopefully the rain has stopped!! Love, Dad & Mom