Monday, March 24, 2008

unplanned day in Mantova...

So, although I did not think we had plans for today Andrea informed me otherwise. We would be driving to one of three possible destinations... and we ended up in a very, very, very COLD Mantova, Italy. Now, the city is absolutely beautiful and I am soooooo glad I had the opportunity to go, however I would recommend going there more mid-May, early June!! Hehe!!

Mantova is about 40 minutes away from Verona by vehicle and right off a few lakes that cool off the breeze. The car read a very bone-chilling 9 degrees celsius (48.2 degrees) and that did not take into effect the wind chill. For all you still in Michigan I know that is not very chilly... but for us ATL-iens that is freeeeeeezing. LOL!! Yea, Andrea and his friends made fun of us too!!

And to top it off... Italians are the only ones I know that eat gelato in this weather!! And you know the saying... "When in Mantova..." so we did eat ice cream too (with my hot chocolate -- once again Italian style -- you do not drink hot chocolate, you eat it) outside!! Not indoors like normal, reasonable people. But, it was a ton of fun.

When we got back to Verona we went to another friend of Andrea for dinner. There was about 12 people there and we had a great time. Once again!! There was a variety of incredible pasta dishes for us to eat and great wine for us to drink.

With all the cold weather and food, Britt and I are sleepy!! Andrea brought us home around 11pm and he went back out to party with his friends. I am about to go to bed though...

Tomorrow Britt and I are taking the 11:43am train to Milan... which means we should arrive a little after 1:00pm. We will spend the day in Milan before heading back to Venice... for my last day!! I am so sad!!

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