Sunday, March 16, 2008

Verona, Italy Picture!!

I have the pictures added!! Check them out!! It only took a couple of hours but I have them all added and captioned!! I feel very accomplished.

Also, I thought you may want to know that plans have changed... again!! We are now staying in Venice tomorrow (so I am getting up early... 8am) to do some sight seeing around here. I will meet up with Britt around 2pm, after he has woken up of course, and we will go back out for more sight seeing. Then we will be heading Florence on Tuesday and then straight onto Rome. The friend of Britt that we were going to meet up with in Cortona will not have any time to meet up with us so I think we are taking that part of the trip out. Sad, however, this means more days in Venice (Monday) and Rome (Wednesday thru Friday) so that is good!!

Now I must go to sleep so that I can get up early tomorrow!!

P.S. For those who care, my laundry is now drying. It only took 2 hours in the washer and they don't have dryers here in Venice. No lie. The only dryers are in the laundry mat and the cost 4 euros per load. So, I am hang drying. If the cloths are not dry by tomorrow evening I will be forced to pay the price... as I will need the cloths in the next week!

Buona Notte!! Good Night!!


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