Saturday, March 22, 2008


I think I forgot to tell you the last part of my trip in Rome!!! How crazy of me!!

So, on Friday Britt and I went back to the Pantheon so I could take a few pictures (which I will eventually upload) however shortly after we arrived it started raining. We checked my Rick Steves book and found a close restaurant that came highly recommended so we went. And I am sooooooo glad that we did!! We went to Miscellanea and it was wonderful, and very cheap!! The book recommeded Mikki,s "sexy wine" (homemade from fragoline - strawberries) which I tried and LOVED!!! It was sooooo good. We ended up staying at the restaurant for a few hours because it was raining (thundering and lightening) and we each at a sandwich, had a drink, had strawberries for dessert and I had a cappuchino and it was all less than 20 euros!! I would do it all over again!! By the time we left it stopped raining, I of course got gelato, and we went back to Nicos house and then took the train to Verona.

Dinner is ready... I will tell you more about today later!!

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