Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back Home

The flight home was uneventful from Tampa to Atlanta and I made it back to my apartment Sunday night around 10:30pm. By the time I got everything unpacked and into bed it was around mid-night. I thought that was late until I talked to my Mom.

The airplane trip for my parents was event-free from Atlanta to Flint, however when they got to Flint they found themselves locked in the inside the gate!! They couldn't get out!! It finally took a fellow passenger screaming for the security guard to realize they were in the airport!!

Once they were unlocked they went to baggage and found out there was only one person unloading all the luggage from the plane. When the announcement came that all the luggage had been put out theirs wasn't there!! They were told to go to the Air Tran ticket counter, however no one was there. They tracked down the security guard, which informed them that the same guy that took the luggage would be the one at the counter so they waited for him.

Luckily their luggage had arrived before they did and it was locked up safe and sound. However, by the time that all that happened it was 2:00am... and they still had to drive the 45 minutes back to their house. What a lot of drama!! But, they are safe and sound at home now... which is what count!

I now have a (very) busy week to prepare for my trip to Italy. I am so excited and can't wait to go!! Stay tuned for pictures from the trip!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got home safe and sound! Great to have you here.
Will be looking forward to the pics from your next trip!!
Have a fabulous time.
Love, Grandma E