Friday, March 28, 2008

Officially Home!!! I don't think the roaches are happy...

After a lot of flying I am now home!!! The flights were very easy although I didn't think they would be. On my long 9-hour flight home I sat right behind a grandma, mom, and her 2 children under 2!! One was a baby and he cried a little bit here and there but the 2 year old was very, very good. He and I even played a little bit!! And, for the first half of the flight I managed to sleep a little bit!!

Customs was the hardest part of my trip... in the USA!!! They made something that should be easy soooooo complicated!!! First everyone from every international flight lines up in one location and goes thru customs... huge line but went fairly quickly. Then everyone has to pick up their bags. Move them about 15 feet and then drop them off again. They don't search them so I am not sure why you have to pick them up. Also, when you pick them up you are not allowed to open any of your bags. You have to wait and go into another tiny room with no tables and 3 people telling you to go in three different spots to open your bag. The reason I had to open my bag was that I bought something liquid in the Venice, Italy airport and in the US airport you must go thru security again and normal liquid rules apply. So I had to transfer them from one bag to another.

But, in between picking up my luggage and going thru security is where I needed to get my boarding pass... but it never said that!! The only sign on their table was for elite business travelers... which I am not!! So, I had to get out of line, get the boarding pass then go back into line. And, the line to get thru security was huge because for all transferring international flights there was only one lady checking IDs!! What a mess!!! That took forever!! And I only had 1 and 1/2 hours to get off one flight and onto another. Luckily I made it with a few minutes to spare!!

The trip from JFK in NYC to Atlanta was uneventful!! That was nice!! My friend Marcus picked me up from the airport... it worked out perfectly!! I got to the baggage carousel and with in a few minutes he showed up. A few minutes after that my bags arrived.

On the way home we stopped for dinner at a Thai restaurant!! All the good Italian food I have had lately made me crave something really different... and it was perfect!! I ate way too much!!

After a quick stop at the grocery store we finally made it to my place. He helped me carry my bags up to my apartment and I made him coffee with my coffee maker and he got to meet my roomates!! The roaches!! They were jumping up and down when I got home... either it was party style or they were mad I was back invading their home. Marcus says I must move out immediately... I was planning on starting the looking-for-a-new-apartment this weekend but I will have to start it later today. Seriously it was awful... they were everywhere... I would guess we killed somewhere around 75 of them by the end of the night... and that doesn't include the ones that were dead when I arrived. If they each paid me $1 in rent I would be rich!!

Today I was not able to sleep in!! I woke up at 7am and just tossed and turned... but that would be noon Italy time and a good time for me to get up. I got up and getting some things done around the apartment and am about to head out to do my errands.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are in Atlanta again, with no delays. Said on the news that many Delta flights were cancelled.
Not good to be in the Roach Apt, though! Hope you can get out of there soon. The roach problem should be enough of a reason to break a lease.
Good luck with the new job also.
Love, Grandma E