Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am in ROME!!!

Very quick update because I need to get ready to go!! Britt and I made it to Florence, Italy yesterday by 11am. We had a ton of fun walking around the city and climbing up to the top of the church tower. When I say climb I totally mean it!! It was about 400 steps up and 400 steps down!! My legs got a work out and it was totally worth it!! I thought the view in Venice was amazing but the view of Florence with the hills in the background was spectacular!!

Around 4pm we left Florence and headed for Rome and was met in the train station by Nico, the girl we are staying with. She is so sweet and bubbly I absolutely love her. She reminds me a ton of my cousin Brittany!!

We brought our bags to her house before heading out to see Rome by night... which is absolutely amazing!! So beautiful!! We first went to a bar for dinner. The nice thing about this bar is that if you get a drink they serve you all the appetizers that you want. So for 5 euro I had a great drink and dinner!! That can not be beat!!

After dinner we walked around and I took a few pictures at night. Once again, so beautiful!! We winded around the city and ended up at the Parthnon. I took a picture a of a building with a picture on it and then turned to take a picture of the Parthnon... but my camera died!! The batteries were dead!! I could not believe it!!

But looking that that amazingly anchent building I fell in love with Rome and with Italy. I can only imagine what it looked like when it was origionally built. I did not want to take my eyes off of it... the whole experience felt so surreal. Like a dream. Amazing!!

But, we did leave. To get some gelato!! Yummy!! I have had gelato in every city now!! It is so good! After that we took the bus back home and went to sleep. I have had some breakfast and am about to take a shower before waking Britt up. I want to be as fast as possible to try to leave the house by 2pm (its 11:30am right now). To get the 2 of us ready seems to take a little while!!

Also, I am not on my computer right now as I can not get internet access with it, so as soon as I can get Internet access with it I will upload my pictures. Until then, just check up on me with the blog posts!!


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