Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Week of the Dogs

Over this past weekend I watched Marcus's dog, Lucy. We had a lot of fun and I took her on a lot of long walks but once again I realize that I am a much better doggie aunt than a doggie owner. One weekend every so often is perfect for me...

But, my friend Angela (the friend who's condo I am no inhabiting) is coming into town this week to see some friends and to take her furniture back home. And she will be bringing her dog, Max. So, I am going to be around dogs for an entire week! I am sure I will survive... and will probably have a lot of fun too!

But, this week has now gotten super busy...

- tonight I will be hanging out with Angela -- we are going to get sushi at Ru Sans!!
- Wednesday I will be moving my furniture into the condo
- Thursday she will be moving her stuff in
- Friday during the day I will be unpacking and evening everyone is going out in honor of Angela being in town
- Saturday during the day I will be unpacking and in the evening I will be getting together for the last time with my Slovakia mission trip group
- Sunday after work/church I am going to a Braves game

So, if I fail to update the blog in the next week this is why... but, a moment or two may creep in to make a random update!

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