Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its all random... isn't it?

This has been a very random past few days.

First, I get a friends request via Myspace from my ex-husband's new girlfriend wanting to know about me (Monday). For those not in the know, its been over 4 years since the divorce and even longer since we have seen each other face to face.

Next, I hear from Angela, my friend who owns the condo, that there is someone who would like to view the condo (Tuesday).

Then I leave my condo and there is smoke and a gasoline odor in the hallway (Wednesday -- and side note, I never found out what the trouble was).

Then last night I couldn't fall asleep, literally I was up until 4:30 am tossing and turning. I tried and tried to think what I may have done yesterday to keep me so active at night but I came up with nothing. And it wasn't fun... completely restless, heart pounding, joints hurt, almost like I needed to go for a long run.

So I started praying. God, what is up? But I hear nothing. God, are we wrestling? But I hear nothing.

At 12:40am I get up, drink some tea, have a few cookies, watch some TV. But still not tired. I am wide awake. I decide to go back to bed at 1:15am, because seriously there is nothing on TV. However at 2:00 am I am back up. This time I am playing with my cell phone. Turn on music. Turn off music. Play a game. Get annoyed. Search thru new applications for the phone. Get bored.

So I pray again. Still not hearing anything.

I turn everything back off and try to sleep again. Still wide awake so back to the TV I go and its now around 3:00 am. I watch some Golden Girls. Maybe I am now ready to sleep. But I lay back down and my eyes can't shut.

So I open my phone again. This time I check some emails and then I see this...
I have some sad news about our fellow teammate, Ashly. She hadn't felt Brooks move much today so her and Denny (the husband) went to the Doctor to make sure everything was ok. And unfortunately it wasn't. Brooks has gone to be with the Lord. She and Denny are very upset.
Ashly is one of my friend and teammates at work. She was in her last week of pregnancy and lost her baby. I laid there, cried, and prayed. I didn't know what else to do. Maybe this is why I couldn't sleep. So I pray about Ashly, her husband, their baby, the life they were expecting and will never know. I pray for them to cling to God and to remain strong in their faith but how hard is that to do in a time like this. I have/will continue to pray for her and please join me in the prayers.

Finally, sometime around 4:30am I finally fell asleep. And at 7:41 am I checked my phone again. The alarm should have gone off at 7:30am but never did. At least I had a few hours of sleep.

It was a great day at work and really enjoyed it thru the foggy tiredness of no sleep. At 3:30pm I decide that any more effort would be in vein so I start packing up, making last rounds, and left the building.

On my way home, I am chatting with my Mom on the phone as I drive a different way than usual and almost literally run into an ex-boyfriend who was walking to my job to give me flowers... 'just because he thought I should have them.' He handed them to me, I said thank you, and then he left.


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