Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lola - Restaurant Review

I thought I would start with the best review first... and it has to be Lola!!! On Friday night the following ladies joined up to party with Angela.

(can't remember her name -- sorry), Angela, Heather, Christina, and Me

Heather, Me, Angela

All the ladies again!!

Christina and Me

The the decor is very much what I would consider the Atlanta up-scale restaurant. The service from the employees, I thought, was exceptional... the greater/seater was very sweet and came back many times to check on us, the waiter was very knowledgeable about what they serve, and the cooks definitely know what they are doing. At one point I got up to go to the restroom and one of the waiters stopped what they were doing to escort me. I have never had that happen in a restaurant before but he says that is what they are supposed to do, nice touch.

Some of the ladies started out with an appetizer... however it was meat, cheese and olives so at the end I just stole one of the olives! My main course was their chef's special... a snapper dish with fingerling potatoes, mushrooms (not sure what kind), and a lobster sauce. Honestly, I have never tasted anything so good!! The snapper was cooked perfectly -- still has lots of moisture, the potatoes were amazing (I am going to have to buy some to cook with at home and see if I like them as much), the mushrooms were ridiculously amazing, and the lobster sauce finished it off perfectly.

It was so big I only ate half and had the other half Sunday for dinner... you know how sometimes a dish can be good the first go but not so good as a left over... well, if given the option I would have the left overs any day of the week. They blew me away a second time!!

For a drink I ordered a Bellini, and I have to say I wasn't a fan. But then, maybe I am not a fan of Bellini's and I just didn't know it. To me, it was too dry and too tart.

Earlier in the night, Angela and I had drinks on the roof with a few of her friends in the condo building and I had a blueberry martini made by one of her friends... now that was amazing!!! He used:

Blueberry Vodka
Crystal Light Lemonade
Splash of Pomegranate
Mint Sugar on the Rim

Not sure the quantities but if I could mix a drink like he does I would be drunk all the time! Haha... probably a good thing I can't, huh!

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