Saturday, September 06, 2008

Slovakia Mission Trip Revisit

It was amazing seeing many of the people that I spent time with on the mission trip in Slovakia. After getting back, most mission trip groups get together at least once to say hi and catch up. Most groups share pictures as well, but we had already done that so we could spend all of our time finding out what each other was up to since returning. It was great! We picked right back up where we left off after the trip! I laughed so hard my stomach was starting to hurt... ahh, the memories!!

Here is a quick group picture... with all the people there the only camera we had was my camera phone so its a bit dark and grainy but its still good!!

We ate dinner at Stefan's Off the Square in Marietta, which is a Slovak restaurant. Since Slovak's are not known for their seafood, but for their meat, I wasn't able to have a traditional Slovak meal... but the restaurant still had an extensive seafood menu which satisfied me!

We started out the meal by all sharing appetizers... halusky, smelts, and spinach pirogue. Even though I shouldn't, I tried a teeny, tiny bit of halusky and it was amazing. But I also loved the smelts and the pirogue. My dad used to manage a restaurant in Michigan and they would have fried smelts from time to time so it reminded me of that which was pretty cool!

For the entree, both Kristen (sitting next to me in the picture) and I were going to get grouper so instead she got grouper and I got salmon and we split. And I am sad we did... we both should have gotten the grouper cause it was soooooo amazing and the salmon was slightly dry.

A lot of the guys (including Andrej who is Slovak) got the Chicken Patrik which looked absolutely amazing and the portion size was HUGE! It must have been pretty good too cause they each at all of their food.

And we finished off the night by splitting dessert... apple strudel. Not sure how Slovak that is (I would think of it being more Dutch/German, but who knows). We had the ice cream separate so those who can have lactose could have ice cream and I could have a bite of dessert without it. It was pretty good... but I would say not worth getting again.

I have spent a lot of time at many different restaurants this past week with my friend Angela and will have to give you my reviews on all of them... stay tuned (and you can thank my friend Kedrick for the idea of reviewing the restaurants)!

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