Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ru Sans - Restaurant Review

I already knew I loved Ru Sans... a chain of Japanese sushi restaurant with quite a few all over Atlanta. So when Angela suggested going when she got into town last Tuesday I was excited!!

If you go at lunch they have an amazing lunch buffet (that I always eat to much at) but for dinner or when I am on a tight budget I love to go with a friend and order a few dollar roles. They have an extensive dollar sushi menu and for $3 (1 maki roll = 3 pieces of sushi) I always eat just enough to feel full.

Just know, if you are going to go by yourself they have a $5 limit per table and if you are going to pay with credit card it jumps to $10. The $5 limit is why I like to go with a friend cause $5 worth of dollar rolls are just too many for me!!

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