Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tin Drum - Restaurant Review

I always like to get the guys who help me move something for dinner to say thank you (Sad, isn't it that I move enough to have an 'always'). But, nonetheless, in the past the easiest thing to has been to order pizza. However, since I don't do meat/cheese and my friend Marcus doesn't do the crust (he's allergic to gluten) and there were only 2 people who were for sure available to help me I thought pizza was just a bad idea.

I started thinking about the different options and Tin Drum came to mind. Its cheap, its tasty, and there are non-gluten and vegan friendly options... perfect! So after getting all of my stuff out of storage we stopped by Tin Drum on the way home. And like always... it was great! I had tofu instead of meat and Marcus had rice instead of noodles and we all enjoyed our options. The only downside is that I would have loved to have more vegetables in the dish. Either way, always good!

And, it was just enough food to give us the energy to unpack at the apartment. Brilliant!

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