Thursday, August 21, 2008


After work I decided to take MARTA to the High Art Museum. They were having an Art in the City event that I wanted to check out. I got there pretty early, around 5pm, and they were still setting up. So, I decided to check out the exhibits. Right now there is a Civil Rights display that is all pictures. It was amazing to look at some of the events that happened before I was born. Some of the events that changed life to be as it is today.

Then I went thru the Louvre exhibit. At this time they are doing The Ancient World and Houdson: Masterworks of the Enlightenment. I have seen all of the Louvre exhibits that they have had on display and although this one was amazing it wasn't my favorite. It was mostly busts of different people and much less of what I like in art. But, to each their own and I was still glad I made it to the exhibit.

After visiting the Louvre I decided to go back to the Art in the City. I walked down to where I thought it was and saw some food set up and a bar. I sat down at one of the tables (after walking thru two exhibits in heels my feet were tired) and a lady brought me a glass of wine. Cool, I thought, I really like Art in the City. A few people came around with hor d'oerves before letting me know that the buffet was open. Cool!! Free wine and dinner! Can't beat this. So far I have only had to pay for my MARTA ride as I am a member of the High Art Museum.

I sat by myself for a few more minutes and enjoyed people watching before a few people asked if they could sit with me. After introductions we started talking about my job at North Point Ministries. We chatted for a while, one of the ladies goes to Buckhead Church and the others were interested. Very nice... I was getting out and doing what I have wanted to since 7|22 on Tuesday.

Then I asked them about themselves... they are all architect. Interesting, then one girl said she liked how I just crashed the party. She was serious, not being sarcastic. So, I asked what she meant. I found out that this was a gathering of architect and the food and drinks were for their party!! Oops!! I was crashing a party... at 6:30pm. What a wild and crazy girl I am!! Hehe!

I enjoyed the food, enjoyed the company, and when their meetings began I made my way back home.

What fun!!

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Kelly Moreton said...

i have never been to the high but i really want to go!