Friday, August 22, 2008

Chocolate Pink Cafe AND Cafe Sunflower!!

Friday was a very busy, fun, and super exciting day!!! Even though it was a day off, it started at 6:30am... I got dressed and headed to Buckhead Church where a few of us met before heading to Woodson Elementary School. The church raised enough money and support to get shoes for every child at the school. There had been a few people in the church working hard for weeks getting everything together. On Thursday I helped arrange the shoes by classroom and label each child's shoes so we could easily get them on the students feet on Friday.

We drove over to Woodson, which was close to my old apartment in West Midtown, and got to sit thru one of their school assemblies. We had the most fun!! The students were so amazing and would do loud fun when appropriate and quite fun the rest of the time. There were introduction to the school rules, as well as a school mascot, a reading program, and school step/dance teams, drum lines, and cheerleaders!!

After the assembly we took the shoes to each classroom and put the shoes on each student to make sure they fit properly. I was in the first grade class and they were all so amazing!

After Woodson I headed to Edgewood to go to Flick to get my hair cut by only the best stylist, Abby!!

She is so super amazing and I always love the way my hair looks when she cuts it, and (more importantly) once I am home!! Even when I do my hair I still love it... and that is hard for me!! Only the best stylist can pull that off!

After Flick, I decided I would stop at Chocolate Pink Cafe and then make my way to the Midtown Red Cross to give blood.

I am on the mailing list for the Chocolate Pink Cafe so for my birthday they gave me a coupon for a free dessert!! I had a hard time deciding but I ended up picking their special of the day... that had peach in it!! It was amazing!!

I left the cafe and got to the Red Cross to give blood but found out that they closed at 3pm and it was after 4pm!!! I was so upset! I have been meaning to stop by here to give blood for a while and thought they were open until 7pm. Oh well, I will have to stop back another day.

My original plan was to go straight from the Red Cross to dinner, however I now had about 2 hours to kill so I went home and I was so exhausted I took a nap!! Luckily I woke up just before 6pm, which gave me a few minutes to freshen up before heading out to meet my friend Susan for dinner at Cafe Sunflower! I haven't been there before but it's a vegetarian restaurant just down the street from my apartment. I have been wanting to go but I am really bad about going out to eat when its just me... I love to have an occasion to go out for dinner (mostly because I love to cook)!

Their menu looked amazing and both Susan and I loved what we got!! We shared a starter of edamame. for the entree I got orzo eggplant lasagna. The lasagna was amazing but I only ate half so I could also get dessert... they had a coconut cake that sounded amazing... and it was!! Susan and I shared the dessert and we both loved it!!

After dinner I came home, watched some television before heading to bed!! All in all it was a perfect Friday (minus not being able to give blood)!

I love these days!!


Indiana Joe said...

Now im in the mood for cupcakes

Kelly Moreton said...

i went to cafe sunflower last week for the first time and had the black bean quesadillas. they were pretty good!