Sunday, August 24, 2008

Five Things God Used To Grow Your Faith

We just started a new sermon Series at Buckhead Church and here are my notes from the message, Five Things God Used To Grow Your Faith. If you want to watch it yourself check it out here!!

The 5 things are:

1. Practical Teaching - Shows us where we are, where we aren't, and where we need to be.
2. Providential Relationships - Allow us to hear from God thru others.
3. Private Disciplines - Align our hearts with the heart of God.
4. Personal Ministry - Positions us to experience God's power.
5. Pivotal Circumstances - Forces us to look in God's direction.

The original break between God and man occurred over faith in the garden of Eden. Adam didn't trust God. God wants a trusting relationship with me.

Matthew 8:1-10 the only tome Jesus is amazed by what somewhat else did... It was because of their faith.

God, I trust you.

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