Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ministry Services Retreat: Day One

Amazing is the only real word to describe this experience this far.  The North Point team all drove up to the Ritz together and stopped for lunch at Zaksby’s and had some good food.  It wasn’t too far from the Ritz so it didn’t take long after that and we were here.  After a seamless check-in we had our bags in the room, our bathing suits on, and we were down at the infinity pool enjoying the sun and the company.

Let me back up a minute… the look, the feel, the design… it’s like the Grand Hotel on steroids.  The design is upper-class cabin.  There is beautiful dark wood everywhere.  It reminds me of what you might see in a TCM movie for a get-away.  The staff has been absolutely wonderful.  We are back in the woods on a beautiful lake.  If I didn’t know better I would think that I am sitting on Mackinac Island on the cliff overlooking the Upper Peninsula.  I don’t know how I could describe it better without pictures.  Of course I have my camera but the batteries are dead.  I have them plugged in and plan to take a ton of pictures tomorrow!  Count on it!

Back to the pool.  We spent a few hours laying out this afternoon at the most amazing pool.  The infinity pool overlooks the lake and I was sooooo relaxed sitting poolside with my feet dipping in the pool.  I should have worn sunscreen (go ahead, yell at me now) and my shoulders are a little red.  So tomorrow I will be wearing some (so back off.. hehe)!

After the pool we skipped the hotel in favor of Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  They have this amazing vegan hoagie that was amazing.  I will have to get the recipe and try to duplicate it myself!

After dinner we had our first session that went into what we will be learning tomorrow.  I am excited because I have the alarm set for 6am and I have my workout clothes ready to go.  I think I will spend tomorrow morning at the gorgeous workout facility and then Wednesday morning I will go for a long run thru the grounds.  I want to make sure to get a weight-lifting day in and tomorrow will be perfect for that.  Wednesday will be perfect for a long run, which I always seem to do once I get outside. 

Off to sleep…

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