Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Slovakia Mission Trip - Day #1 – July 12, 2008 – The Day the Vegan Diet Died

After 24 hours of driving, flying, layover, flying, and driving again we are finally at the summer camp!! We all slept when we could but none of us got any real sleep on the way so at 10:00pm Slovak time (4:06pm EST) I am sitting in bed, putting my first blog together and I will be going to sleep!

However, I am so excited to be here!! We got in a little late but dinner was ready (thank you God cause everyone was hungry)! We did a little group meet and I met my Slovakian roommate Veronika and we will have a student share our room starting tomorrow. There are less students then was originally anticipated so we will have two leaders (one Slovak and one US) for each student. They thought there would be about 40-50 students, however there are currently 14 signed up. I am excited because we will each get to know each other better this way!!

And one change had to be made… over here meat in chopped up in everything. For the first 24 hours I had a hard time finding food. Finally as I was famished (ok, not really – I have weight to lose and a starvation diet may have worked but I was hungry for more than a few nuts… I wanted real food) I gave in!! I will keep the dairy out, since my body actually fully rejects that, but meat will be allowed this week. I have to say it felt really weird eating chicken tonight and my stomach did hurt a little bit afterward. My rule of thumb will be to not eat meat if possible.

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