Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day #5 - July 16, 2008 (Wednesday) - Sweet Home Alabama!!

Woke up again this morning in time for coffee at 7:30am!! I am so thankful for the coffee!! After coffee and my 1/2 banana I was able to do the production for the morning dance!! What what!!! I was so happy to do it too! Tim, our normal production guy instead was a 'translator.' I quote it because it was mostly a joke... he can speak about 10 words in Slovak so he just made up translations. It was funny!!

Breakfast was French toast... but not how we're used to having it... they do it salty, not sweet! So, with my French toast I had tomato and white pepper. I really liked it. During lunch Ashley and I had a wonderful conversation.

Then we found out that instead of the usual routine we were going to make a MOVIE!! Wooo Hooo!!! A music video to be exact. So, in the morning Tim taught us all how to use iMovie and how to use the video cameras and then we were sent off to make our movie.

Today was the first day of sunshine so us Lambs went outside to discuss how we were going to make the music video. After about 30 minutes of going thru songs we decided on Sweet Home Alabama and started putting a plan together.

All of this took so long that it was lunch time already!! Lunch was potato bread with cabbage and more mystery meat. I liked the bread and cabbage but not the meat so I ate around it. This time I didn't even have a guess as to what it was. During lunch Beckah scripted out the scenes for our video so after lunch all we had to do was go thru the song again, add the finishing touches, and then shoot the video. I became the camera woman, which rocked!! I would much prefer to be behind the camera!! It seemed that everyone had a blast for the shooting!!

Once we had all the shots we needed Beckah, who already knew how to use iMovie, edited the movie. Since I wasn't quite needed for this part I took a half hour nap and then brought my Bible out and read it while Beckah edited and the other girls also did Bible studies.

While we were sitting there we found out that someone came thru and robbed Kristen's roommate!! This caused a ton of drama, as you would expect!! Apparently a family came in to 'check out the cabin' and the owners allowed them to walk around the building unsupervised. They walked into Kristen's room and saw her roommates purse sitting on her bed and they took it! We all had to check our rooms but luckily that was the only room they got to! I started thinking about the timing and realized this occured while I was taking my nap. And, at one point I heard the door open, someone walked in and then walked back out. I had assumed it was one of my roommates that however it may have been them!! I did ask my roommates and they didn't come in the room while I was napping... scary!! Luckily for us Americans none of our passports were stolen. Also, it appears that the family had been monitoring us because they came in during the time we all should have been outside during sports time. Could you imagine what all they would have been able to steal had we not been using all the filming equipment and laptops!! Later that evening we found out that a few of the guys went looking for the hooligans and they did find them!! They chased them thru the woods and although they never caught the guys they did get their backpack. So, they took the backpack with Kristen's roommate to the police station and they reported the crime. I don't know what happened after that but it caused for a lot of commotion for the entire afternoon. Needless to say everyone started locking the room doors after that!!

So, after all the craziness, we ate dinner, which was more like breakfast. It was rolls, stuffed with strawberry jelly and topped with powered sugar. Kinda like a donut. Kinda. I had 2 and then Beckah was sweet enough to give me one of her apples... which was awesome!!

As we were waiting for the videos to be ready a group of us went outside to play volleyball. Well, the group played volleyball, I took pictures. For some reason it takes only about 3 bumps of the volleyball before my forearms hurt so much I want to cry so I didn't play very long.

Around 8pm we had songs and worship and then we watched the videos!!! Every group did an amazing job and we had so much fun watching each video, cheering for the people in the video, and congratulating each team!!

You want to see how we did?!?!? Check it out...

Crazy Jamming Lambs - my team!!

Golden Zippers - Milan is the main character and he rocked it!!

The Squirrels

Spit Drinking Puppy Kickers - Veronika is my roommate, which is why they picked this song!!

Amazing, right?!?!?

So after videos we marched outside for s'mores around a camp fire. The camp fire was huge and, as always, s'mores were amazing. Issac brought out his guitar and we sang camp songs, laughed and basically had fun making fools of ourselves!! It was so fun.

Then it was decided that we needed to play an outdoor game at night. The game that was chosen was flashlight. Basically the leaders put a flashlight up a hill and a guard got a flashlight which there were some rules about how the guards flashlight worked (generally it had to be turned off). Everyone else had to go up the hill in the dark and try to get to the flashlight up the hill without the guard seeing them. If they were caught they had to go back down the mountain, in the dark, go back to 'safe,' and start over. It seemed a little dangerous to me so I stayed safely in 'safe' until I felt like going back to the fire. A few of us wimps decided to sit around the fire and chat for a while, which once again was fabulous conversation!! After we got tired of sitting outside we went back to our normal post in the bedroom hallway and Kristen, Ashley, Tim, Issac, Jay, Gaby and I all had a wonderful conversation. By this time we are all jacked up on sugar and fun times so we are all very giggly!!

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