Sunday, July 06, 2008

Long Day!!!

It wasn't supposed to be!!  But it was a really, really long day!  It started out at 6am... (fading back in time).

My alarm went off and I knew I had to get up right away because I had to add in time for taking Miss Lucy out for her morning walk.  I wasn't too concerned because I had planned on coming home right from work so I figured I would be back around 2:30pm.  I got everything done that needed to be and make it to work right on time... 7am!!

I had a great day at work (I love that work is right in my church)!!  I was able to go to the 11am service and it was amazing!!  I wish that Buckhead Church would put the music as well as the service on the website but its much easier not to.  Either way... my friend Carlos rocked the house followed by an amazing sermon by Andy on the idea of forgiveness.  That you can go to the website for an I would highly recommend it!!

As I was sitting at work I realized how busy I will be the rest of the week and I needed to do some very light grocery shopping and I needed to get some of the crafts for the mission trip... can you believe we leave on FRIDAY!!  I am super excited.

At 2pm, with the new idea that I had a few stops to make, I promptly left work.  When I started my car up in the parking garage at work it stuttered a little bit but started right up so I didn't think anything of it... that is until after I checked out from Michael's.  I got to my car, put everything away, and turned the key... to nothing.  I could hear a click but nothing else.  I turned everything off and tried again... nothing.  

At this point I called my Dad who reported I needed to get a jump.  I called around and found that my friend Terrance would be able to jump my car.  After waiting a few minutes he made it and we chatted while the battery charged.  Once charged it started right up!  Thank you God!!! I immediately went to Sears and sat there for about 45 minutes for them to verify that the trouble was in fact the battery.  A few minutes and a few dollars later and I have a working car again!  

With all the driving I now needed gas.  I make a quick stop there and another quick stop at Publix to pick up some veggies and fruit so I could make it thru the rest of the week and I finally made it home at 6pm.  LOL!!! Only slightly later than I anticipated.  Needless to say Lucy was quite excited when I finally made it home.

I felt pretty bad that it took so long so I took her for a long walk before grabbing some dinner.  I have about an hour before I will be heading to the airport to pick Marcus back up from the airport!! I have had fun with Lucy here but I realized that I am really not a dog person!  Hehe!! A weekend is a perfect amount of time for me and I think she is ready for her Papa to be home too!

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