Friday, July 11, 2008

Can I Post From Slovakia?!?!

That is the question on deck... unfortunately I will not know until we are there!!  If not, I will be updating every night to a document and then mass posting when I get home.  If so, I will be adding pictures and commentary nightly.

Pray that I am able to post!!!!  I know I am.

Well, I am sitting at the apartment for the last few minutes.  I need to get up soon and get moving.  I want to stop by the bookstore and pick up 'Organic God.'  7|22 will be having the author to interview at the next gathering and it will be the Tuesday after I get back.  I want to go and listen, but I prefer to have read the book first.  I had ordered it online but it was shipped to the wrong address so they will be crediting me the money back and I will get it from a local book store.

After that I will be picking up Marcus from work and he will be taking me to the airport.  He will keep my car while I am gone so he can replace the brakes, tires, and rims!!  I love that he can help me out with my car as much as he does!!  And, he does a fabulous job!!

And then onto the airport to meet up with the team.   I got up at 6am today and went for a long run so hopefully I will be tired early and will sleep on the plane.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Alright, time to make the final rounds around the apartment...


Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

that is very sweet of Marcus to take care of your car like that while you're gone..and then when you get back it'll be all good to go for you! how sweet! I'll pray that you can post from Slovakia also! I'd love to hear updates from you! Love you hon! Have a safe trip! xoxox

Marcel said...

Go to Coffee and Co. They have free wireless. There are a couple of them in Bratislava and other larger towns.