Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day #6 - July 17, 2008 (Thursday) - what happened to the circuit?!?!?!

We got to sleep in again!!! This time I had to be up at 8:15am, oh the bliss of sleeping in. Except that we went to bed at like 3am or some crazy hour like that!! LOL. But I loved being up and chatting with my roommates so it didn't matter.

I walked downstairs all ready for my usual morning coffee and half banana and then tragedy struck... the circuit was out to the coffee maker. I thought this would be the end of my life. Luckily after a short wait (probably 10 minutes or so but it felt like an eternity) the circuit was restored and coffee was made. To show how grateful I was I drank two cups of coffee... hehe!! I also had a cup of hot tea. Ahhhhh.... caffeine!! Just enough energy for a camp dance!!

Breakfast was a hard-boiled egg with some white pepper, tomato, liverwurst, and bread. I tried it all, liverwurst wasn't bad but I wouldn't chose it if I have a choice. This morning I wasn't all that talkative as I was sooooo sleepy.

Of course at English today we discussed what we were thankful for about camp (see previous blog post) and then the English competition was Pictionary and every team got all 10 pictures correct. It was a lot of fun drawing and getting to guess!

And then, once again, after English was lunch. Today's menu was meatballs (meat & rice), with potato and sauce. I was skeptical at first however it was Anicka's favorite camp meal so I figured it couldn't be that bad... and it wasn't! Once I tried it I did like it too!!

Remember how tired I said I was... well, after lunch I took a nap... from 12:45pm until 2:45pm... I slept thru the entire free time!! Oops!! But, luckily I woke up in time for the games. When I woke up it was partly sunny so I got dressed for sports, however by the time I got to the main meeting room it was down pouring!! So they cancelled the games due to rain and played ping pong competitions indoors instead. I took pictures and then went to the main meeting room where a few of us were looking for a sugar fix so we made left-over s'mores in the microwave. I had some additional tea and coffee. This time I added marshmallows to my coffee and it was really good! A great alternative to milk and sugar!!

I then took pictures of some of the students making crafts... which was painting... so some painted on the tie-dyed shirts they had made Tuesday, others painted pillowcases and picture frames. They did an amazing job... I know I have said this before but everyone was so creative!!

Then I sat down and did a quick Bible study and read thru the end of Daniel. I loved it!! I didn't record what we ate for dinner tonight so it must not have been that intriguing to me... hehe!!

While I was reading I was interrupted to be informed that we were now heading outside to play human fuse ball in an empty pool. I was scared... as well I should be! Quite a few people got a soccer ball to the face. Any time someone was kicking in my direction I was putting my arm in front of my face... the last thing I needed was to have my glasses broken!! I tried to take them off when we played pyramid a few days prior but after about 5 minutes I had such a headache I had to put them on and pray they wouldn't be broken. I said the same prayer today and thank God he listened!!

During the night worship I got to do production again... for 2 songs!! This time it was so Tim could play the guitar. It was so much fun!!! I loved it!! At worship, three Slovaks... Jay, Mirka, and Gaby... told their stories on their journey to God. It was amazing to hear how they were all so different yet so similar. And I loved how much they opened up and shared with everyone!

eNight was card games... many of us Americans (Garrett, Kristen, Ashley and I) popped in but didn't stay long. We ended up, as most nights, chatting in the bedroom hallway. It was a really good chat and we each got to know each other a lot better. It amazing how spending so much time together like this gets people to open up so much more. As we were chatting, Sherry joined in and then a few others followed.

We had another very exciting and fun day!!

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