Friday, July 25, 2008

Day #3 - July 14, 2008 (Monday) - First full day of camp!!!

The day started way too early... 6:30am!! But, I wanted some coffee to start the day and that's what time I was told we had to meet to get it so I was there!! Since I found out I am lactose intolerant I have been using water to thin out my coffee and I think it works pretty well. So I had 2 cups of coffee!!! As we were drinking coffee, all the leaders were meeting to find out what the week had in store. Each group (ie. English, eNight, sports, etc) told everyone else what their plans were and we made sure we were all on the same page.

At 7:45am the students met us in the main meeting room where we did our camp dance again before eating breakfast... bread and strawberry jam!! Yumm-o!! I felt bad for Kristen because she is allergic to strawberries but I ate up my jam quickly!!

After breakfast was English time. We learned who was in each team... my team was an all girl team consisting of:

1) Me
2) Laura (another American)
3) Beckah (the American living in Slovakia -- about to return to America)
4) Anicka (Slovak leader)
5) Mirka (Slovak leader)
6) Jana (student -- I think)
7) Makja (student - my roommate)
8) Zuzka (student - very good sports player)

At first, I was afraid that being an all girl group would not be good because we may have a hard time earning points and we wouldn't be competitive in the sports games however once we started chatting I was soooooo happy that it was an all girl group! Each girl opened up so quickly -- even Zuzka who didn't speak much English -- and we all became so close so quickly, and I don't think that could have happened as easily in a mixed group. Zuzka, with how much she grew in her English and with how good she was at sports was one of our MVPs!!! It was amazing how close we were... it was like a family!!! But then, I thought the entire camp seemed like a family!

Being that one of the camp leaders, Beckah, was in my group I felt a lot better about having to be a leader! Since I hadn't led like this before I was very nervous about how well I would do. I really wanted us girls to have a lot of fun and chat a lot. I was afraid I wouldn't ask enough questions or the right questions to get everyone to open up. Luckily that wasn't an issue... everyone was very open and I got into it and wasn't so afraid. Also, Beckah always seemed to know what to say and how to ask questions so I learned a ton from her!! She was amazing!!!

In this first English class we each had to come up with a team name. After a few minutes of thinking we decided to come up with a name that incorporated all the names in the group... and it ended up spelling out:

Crazy Jammin' Lambz

What a fun name!! The other groups were:

Golden Zippers
Spit Drinking Puppy Kickers
(and something about killer) Squirrel -- I can't believe I already forgot a name of a team!!

It was great and it was fun to hear how creative the names of each team was!!

After English time was lunch. We had meat (most of the week was mystery meat... generally good but still, didn't know what it was), potatoes and slaw of some kind. All in all, not bad! After lunch we got free time so I took a nap... this became routine and I felt blessed to have it!! I am not sure what I would have done without it!!

Next came sports. And for those who know me, know I like to be warm and dry. It was not warm there (at least for my standards) and it rained most of the weekend. So, I have to be honest that I didn't have the best attitude about outside games. But if you look at the pictures you will see how fun it really was!! I wore the same outfit every day for outdoor games so it really didn't matter how dirty or wet I got and the added mud made for a lot of fun! So, even though it may not have been something I would have chose I still had a blast!!!!

So, for Monday's games we played capture the flag and ultimate Frisbee. Each one was really fun however my team had a hard time understanding the point system for capture the flag but we still had fun trying to get the flag back to our side! And, we were getting a system worked out for ultimate Frisbee by the end. Even though we lost I had a great time!!!

Of course, given the rain/mud mentioned above I took a quick shower right after games and then headed down to dinner. Dinner equaled spaghetti noodles with catsup. Hmmm, that was interesting. It was one of the few meals that I chose not to eat what was given. Kristen, Ashley and I ate Kashi bars that I had brought back from the states with peanut butter that Kristen had brought... it was wonderful!! Hehe!

After dinner we had a bit of time before the message/music started so Kriten, Tim, Beckah, and I had a wonderful conversation. I loved all the times I got to have great conversation with people! It was so fun and amazing to get to know everyone. Like I said before and will say many more times, it felt so much like a family being there!!

For the music portion of the evening, we had the camp dance followed by Issac leading worship. He did a great job!! He has way more confidence than I do... I would have been so nervous up there but he seemed so calm and collected. Not to mention that he sings much better than I do! LOL!!! After music Samo spoke and talked about how your first judgement may not be accurate. To elaborate on that point, he handed each group a picture that we had to talk about, make a judgement on the person in the picture about things like their age, their profession, their family, etc. In each instance, every group was wrong on what they assumed the person would be like. I guess my 6th grade teacher was right about what it means to assume!! Heheh!!

eNight followed and was once again amazing!! The leaders set up the room like a Chinese Tea Room and it was beautiful. I loved the tea that the Slovak's have!! I even brought some back to the states!! I sat with Kristen, Ashley, and Jay. We chatted about what our aquariums are... or what is boxing us in life and keeping us away from God. We had a great conversation and it was amazing how we all opened up!! After chatting about aquariums, us American girls taught Jay a few different English slang phrases (like 'I'm on you like a spider monkey, man') and he taught us a few Slovak words. We had a good laugh trying to speak Slovak properly!!! For some reason my French teacher, my Italian friends, and now Jay all have laughed at me trying to speak their languages... do you see the pattern that I am seeing!!

After eNight the 4 of us moved to the bedroom hallway and the 4 turned into many more. The conversation went on for quite a while and once again it was amazing. We had so many great conversations that were so funny that my stomach hurt most of the weekend. I absolutely loved it!!

Finally, around 1am it was time for me to go to bed.

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