Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day #6 - July 17, 2008 (Thursday) - Thankful for...

On Thursday in our English group we discussed what we were thankful for about the camp. Here is what everyone had to say...

Beckah - the camp has been so organic, very low key, very relaxed. Not a lot of stress and not following a full program so everyone has been able to feel involved in the planning and executing process.

Makja - this is Milan's (her brother) second time to cam and she is very grateful that he feels comfortable and that he loves camp. She also loves that she gets to see him because they generally are going to two different schools in two different towns.

Mirka - she had an opportunity that night to share her testimony about God to the entire camp and she was very excited to do so.

Zuzka - she was thankful for eNights so she could speak English with friends. She loved making the music video, listening to the English spoken by everyone, games, sports, and making crafts.

Anicka - She loved the big red carpet in the main meeting room. It warmed the entire place up and knowing how much life change happened over that one piece of carpet was very exciting. She was also thankful for the bond that our Lambs had -- we were all very free, comfortable, and accepted. She had to leave one day to go to work and she was thankful for the feeling that she had coming back to camp and knowing this is where she wanted to be.

Me - I loved the almost immediate feeling of family -- how everyone feels so close. The entire camp (from the sights, sounds and smells) brought back so many family memories from growing up. I also loved sitting around the table during English and eNights and being able to chat with so many people.

Laura - She was grateful for the music -- especially the music by Draho on Sunday while singing at church and at camp because he sings with so much passion, and seeing the passion of people in the camp, movie day. She was also grateful for the beautiful attributes of her roommates -- Mirka for her tenderness and Miska for her innocents.

Jana - she was grateful for the camp song -- waking up and being able to move around. She was grateful for all the Americans who came to speak English with them, the evening speakers, the special people she got to know, and the activities during the night worships.

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