Monday, July 07, 2008

I Hurt!!

Well, a few ways actually! 

The first, I actually miss having Lucy here!  She would crack me up!!!  I didn't miss her this AM when I had to get up... I was glad I didn't have to do the work... hehe!!  But I would dog-sit her again anytime!

Second... I worked out this morning and did a lot of shoulder exercises and I hurt my left side!!! I can barely lift my left arm!!  Guess I will have to either rest tomorrow or only run!

My goal for today was to clean the condo since Lucy left yesterday but I decided not to strain myself and I am only doing the laundry.  I did organize the different areas that Angela, the condo owner, has set up for cleaning.  I am too, too organized and I was having a hard time because I felt like everything is everywhere.  Now I have he cleaning supplies set up in a way that works for me and I should be ready tomorrow!  

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