Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day #9 - July 20, 2008 (Sunday) - Vienna, Austria

I spent the night at the hotel in the same room as Sherry and Ashley.  I would love to say they are great roommates however we didn't spend enough time in the room to know!   LOL!!  Unfortunately 2 of our group, Kristen and Laura, had to go home a day early... so they stayed in one room and were taken to the airport by cab before the rest of us were awake.  Still, we woke up early and headed down to the free breakfast.  

I was expecting the normal continental breakfast that I am used to from the States however this was an amazing spread of so many different foods... breads, jams, olives, vegetables, sliced meats, an assortment of cereals with many toppings to go with it, coffee, and teas.  I loved it all... but one thing more than the rest... the COFFEE.  It was crazy, ridiculously, amazingly fabulous!!  To say  I loved it may be an understatement.  I crave it right now.  I would stay awake all night for that stuff.  I liked it so much that once I got home I emailed the hotel to find out what kind of coffee/coffee maker were used.  (For those who want to be in the know... the name of The coffee maker is S-Class Incanto de luxe from Saeco and we use Beans from Segafredo Zanetti, called Selezione Oro! It´s an Italian coffee.)  

After breakfast we headed out to Vienna and we spent the day walking around seeing all the beautiful sites.  We had planned on doing some shopping but it was Sunday so everything besides a few really, really tourists stores and the restaurants were closed.  Either way we had a lot of fun dodging the rain, going to Starbucks, eating lunch and dinner and just spending time winding down together.  Of course, multiple pictures were taken.  And, I was able to have a spritz (for those of you who read my Italy blogs know I love these things)!!!  Around 10pm we arrived back at the hotel where Beckah and I had some cucumber soup.  

I was able to call my parents over Skype (finally!) and let them know that everything was so good!! It was a short conversation because by this time it was around 11pm and I still needed to pack so that we could be in the foyer of the hotel by 3:30am to leave for the airport!!  Of course we left some time for another cup of the coffee (amazing even at 3:30am for those who care)!!! 

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