Monday, June 30, 2008

New Computer!!

Well, my job is going really well at the churches and I am loving it!  Today I came in quite early... I tried to get here by 7am however it was more like 7:30 before I made it.  The reason for wanting to be this early... my new computer was ready!!  I have been working from a PowerBook G4 since I started as a contractor however as a full time employee I have been upgraded to a MacBook Pro!!  I will miss the condensed size of the G4 but am loving the capabilities of this new laptop!

One of my favorite new features... a built in camera!!

Say hello!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the job is going so well.
We got a new laptop also--love it!! Your Mom and Dad helped me get some of it set up. Router is giving us a bit of a problem. Think we need a new one. Any time the computer is not used for awhile we have to unplug it and plug it in again for it to work-???
Keep up the great work.
Love, Grandma E