Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation was wonderful!!

I need more time to tell you how it all went but I wanted to throw a quick update in here!!  I had the most fun hanging out with my parents this week!!  We went to two baseball games... one was for my cousin Brennan and one was for Colton.  While there I was able to see my Grandma and Grandpa E, Aunt Dawn, Uncle Scott, and Dave!  It was great!!  

Food was wonderful too!!  We at at Zender's one day, I had a ton of Slurpees, got a vegan pizza at Tommy V's (which my parents loved by the way), and I ate SMORES!! Couldn't ask for more than that!!

We also went to the B93 Birthday Bash and spent 2 days listening to country music! It was fun... and I got to spend some time with Marie, Adam, Uncle Rogor, Kelly, Aunt Linda, Mikey, Amy, Shanna, Grandma P, and Josh!  We had a blast!!

I am now on my second day at the new job and I am loving it!!  Ok, back to work...

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