Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Up and Coming

So, this should be the last post for today (was it enough, did I make up for the lack of recent posts??).

Here is what my life has in store for the next few weeks... so if I don't post again for a little bit, here is why!

Tonight I am hanging out with Marcus, a new friend Mariah, and her friend TC at Steel.  They are doing free sushi night and I am all excited.   Afterwards we are going to take a bottle (or 2) of wine up on the roof and we will enjoy the view of Atlanta at night.  This is one of my newest most-favorite things!!

Tomorrow I am doing dinner with my friend and old small group leader Susan.  We are getting together to celebrate my new job!!

Friday I am having brunch with Terrance before heading up to North Georgia for a Mission Trip Retreat.  This is an overnight event geared to force us to get personal.  Its a phenomenal opportunity that we get to get away before going away. 

Sunday after work I am hanging out with VJ.

Next week:

Monday is small group night.

Tuesday so far is open, however I doubt it will stay that way!!

Wednesday I have my normal SATC girls night!

Friday I am going to Cbeyond to do a good-bye lunch for a few people, including myself.  There are quite a few people who are leaving my department in the next week so they are doing one big lunch.

I work my normal shift over the weekend.

Monday, June 16, 2008 is my last working day at Cbeyond.

Tuesday I fly out of the ATL and back to Michigan!!  I have an opportunity to spend Tuesday thru Sunday in Michigan with my family... you know I will not be passing that up!  I am excited to see everyone and I just know the time will fly by!

Then on Monday I start my new job!! Please continue to pray for me in the next few weeks of my life... as always... I will need it!!


Shannon said...

I'm so glad we're in your schedule for next Wednesday! :) Busy busy Kupcake!!! That view is awesome, btw...sometimes things work out perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going so well, Kristie! Loved your pics. We look forward to seeing you the week you are in MI.
God bless you!
Love, Grandma E