Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flicks on Fifth

So last night I went with Mariah, Lynette, Chris -- Lynette's boyfriend, and Chris -- Mariah's friend to Steel for free sushi again.  I generally get 2 kinds of sushi but last night I ate three... and the third must have had lactose in it cause my stomach cramped right up!  And mine was the only one.  Now I know I have to be careful with what is put in my maki rolls!

Stomach ache and all, Mariah and I headed over to Flicks on Fifth to watch the Bourne Ultimatum.  We stayed thru most of it and I love seeing free movies with a ton of other people... they clap and scream at the screen!!  Its so exciting!!

Tonight Marcus and Mariah are coming over to eat dinner on the roof... as long as it doesn't rain!!  I need to start making my part (vegetable rice) pretty soon!!

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