Thursday, May 08, 2008

To All The Guys

I have to tell you a little story about my time spent at the gym today (or a here's what not to do). I would guess that 90% of the guys out there would not do this but if you ever wonder why us ladies are skeptical here is why.

I am working on my timed work out (which was discussed in a previous post), in what is normally the group fitness room but there wasn't a class going on, I was by myself, and I was wearing my earphones listening to something I hoped would keep me pumped as I try to lose weight. When this guy walks up and stands by me. At this point I am doing inclined push-ups and wonder why someone is standing over me so I stop, look up, don't recognize him but realize he is motioning for me to take off my earphones.

So I stop and take them off. Then he goes into a sales pitch about how he travels all over the world, he is very rich, and how I am the most elegant girl he has ever seen. He then asks me for a date. I tell him no thank you but he now wants an explanation of why not. Whaaaa? Seriously. If I say no thats all it should be. So now I lie and say I have a boyfriend and still no thank you.

He then goes on a rant about how he is going to call his mother tonight and find out why he can't get a girl. He has a "beemer," he travels, and he has over a million dollars in the bank but he can't get a date. He then wants to know why I will not go on a date. I said well I have a boyfriend and I don't see other guys when I am dating someone (ps I don't like lying but it felt easiest in this situation). He looks straight at me and tells me would be a better boyfriend than who I already date.

I could have said so many things at this point but in hopes of quickly getting back to my workout I just shrugged my shoulders, put my headphones in, and went back to my workout.

Oh how many places he went wrong...

1. Never stop a lady in the middle of a workout. If you want to talk to her in the gym wait until she is at a down time. If you stop me you are starting off on the wrong foot. Its like telling me what I am doing is not important. Not a good way to start off.

2. If you say travel a lot for your job but don't say for what it screams you are looking for a hooker. Of which, I am not. Ewwh.

3. If you have to tell me about your money to get me hooked you are looking for a hooker. Refer to #2.

4. Never, ever tell a lady she is elegant when she is working out. She is sweating. Seriously, just wrong.

5. If she tells you no, say thank you for your time and walk away. That would be classy. Don't get whiny and bitchy. That's just pathetic.

6. Don't bring your mother into the first conversation.

7. Don't ask her out again when she says she has a boyfriend... that's just wrong.

How slimy.


Jason Poll said...


I *totally* hate it when skeezie guys hit on me.

Sorry, sorry...I know you're being serious...but I'm just starting peak on my morning caffeine 'run' and am feeling jovial. :)

Have a good day!

Chad Jarnagin said...

Hey Kristie. I was at Buckhead on Sunday w/ Carlos... and was at Drive. I can't remember who all I met. geez.

I dig the blog.

I love the church.

Kristie said...
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Kristie said...


I am glad you dig the blog!! I am sure you had fun with Carlos... who doesn't!! I love the church too!!