Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Belly Full of BBQ is a Happy Belly!!

I am so lucky! I am so blessed! I say that a lot about working at Buckhead Church but it is so true!! Today, one of the families that attend the church decided to throw us a BBQ lunch and it was amazing!! Pulled pork, pork ribs, BBQ chicken, corn dip, coleslaw, potato salad, mushrooms, baked beans with pineapple... it was all there! I had a little bit of all of it and it was amazing! I was amazed by the pineapple baked beans. That is something I will attempt to repeat! I won't even attempt to do the pork, they just rocked it too well!

It was also so wonderful to get a lunch time to sit and chat with different people who work at the church. I get the opportunity to chat one-on-one quite often with a lot of the people here but generally not in a group situation. It was great!!

Thank you!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a meal! I am drooling already this AM.
Glad things are going well. No more big bugs, I hope.
Love your blogs.
Love, Grandma E