Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bring on the Changes

I am moving!!!! My girlfriend Angela has been nice enough to let me rent her condo and I will be moving next week Thursday and Friday!! She has been spending a lot of time in Kentucky because that is where her family and boyfriend is, while she is job hunting (she recently lost her job) and has her condo on the market but it isn't selling.

Since I needed a place to stay and she is gone most of the time I will be moving into her place. She will leave the furniture, the condo will continue to stay on the market, she will visit me from time to time, and I will be paying a very reduced rate. Its a win-win.

I will be moving all of my furniture into storage on Thursday, May 29 and then moving my clothing to Angela's condo on Friday, May 30.

I am very excited about this opportunity. This way I can be without an apartment contract for a little while and can make some decisions about my life.

Also, I am in the middle of a few life changing options and just need some prayers as I let God direct my life. Please pray that he will show me what is the right option for now and pray that my heart will be open to whatever.

This is exciting and I am ready for all the changes!! But, this is also why I haven't blogged since Friday...


Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you, Kristie!!
Loved the pics of Dan's and your place--what a difference!
Love, Grandma E

Shannon said...

YIPPEEE!!! Such wonderful news!!! Le me know if you need any help!