Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rice Milk

Well, I am now joining those who no longer do milk. I (think) I finally figured out out what has been wrong with my stomach... it disagrees with the lactose. So, now I am making the switch. No milk, cheese, yogurt, rice pudding, ice cream... I feel like I am just one step away from vegetarian. Probably not, just that is what this feels like.

This is going to be tough!


Jerry said...

Rice and soy milk are awesome. I learned to love it really quick and now it's hard for me to drink regular milk again.

Jason Poll said...

You won't miss it.

Don't forget to give almond milk a try!

The hardest part about kicking dairy is that you'll find it in a lot of things. If you don't do it already, reading the ingredient labels is now going to be your new favorite thing to do while shopping. Look out for words like "whey" and "casseinate".

You'll find these things in places you might not at first expect, like bread and tuna fish, and even immitation soy 'cheese' slices. And...I hope you don't like milk chocolate. . .

Find yourself a good non-butter 'butter'. Something with no trans fats as well. (Kinda tough considering margarine is basically trans fat in a tub, but they're out there.)

Drop me an email or call if you want to talk about it more.

Jason Poll said...

hmmm...let me add one more thing:

Look at the bright side: You're not kicking gluten.