Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Today at NorthPoint Church I am helping to work Drive conference and its a blast!! Drive is a conference for church leaders and staff to learn how NPM (NorthPoint Ministries) does the different environments... from service, to volunteer staff, to foreign missions. Today am working shipping. The attendees can purchase resources from the church store and instead of having to carry the resources around we can ship them. Right now everyone is in a conference so its downtime for me! I love it when the churches (NorthPoint, Browns Bridge, and Buckhead) come together for an event like this. To see everyone put aside their normal tasks and to do whatever is asked. I don't see any egos involved. Its so wonderful! It just makes me want to praise God that I am lucky enough to work here a few days a week!


mike b. said...

Drive was great! just got back. are you from NYC by any chance? just curious, i'm a new yorker

mike b. said...

if you're ever up this way let me know. you're always welcome at True North (