Sunday, May 11, 2008

I live in hell.

Or, if hell is worse than my apartment then I never want to live there. I am now dealing with leak NUMBER 2. This time its in my bedroom and leaked all over my bed. I think my email to everyone who works at the company sums up the newest complaint:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am in a dire situation. I am experiencing the second leak in my apartment since I moved in and the first leak I had took 6 months to get fixed. I can't wait that long again and from my experiences here, which have been horrible, the only way to get this fixed quickly is to email everyone of you.

Around 4:00pm this afternoon I found that there was a leak in my bedroom, it was coming through the ceiling fan and onto my bed. I live in the studio sized apartment so I moved my bed as quickly as possible to the side of the room and called the front desk. I tried to speak to Melissa, the property manager, but she had already left for the day. I filled out a maintenance request over the phone and a maintenance man came but provided me no assistance. He looked at the ceiling fan, verified there had been a leak, but told me it had barely leaked and since it was not currently leaking he would let someone know on Monday.

I tried to get him to help me at least move my bed, since part of it was still under the ceiling fan, he hadn't isolated the root of the leak, and the possibility of it leaking again was quite good. He refused to help me at all. Instead, he brought in a bucket, put it so that it was touching my bed under the ceiling fan and left. A few minutes later I could smell an awful stench and thought it was coming from my ceiling. I walked back into the bedroom, looked up and then down. I saw inside the bucket that the maintenance man chose to left and it was horrible. It was disgustingly dirty and smelled of rotten fish. Seriously, I can't understand why someone would leave something that gross inside someones house and leave it touching someones furniture. I moved it to my balcony, moved the bed myself, and put my own bucket in the middle of the bedroom. When I moved the bed it was so full of water that there were marks left from where the bed had touched the floor. It was soaked through.

I am no electrician but the fact that the leak is coming through a ceiling fan makes me believe there is a potential for electrocution. There was absolutely no assistance from the man who came on site. And now I am going to have to wait until Monday for any real assistance and I will be sleeping on my couch because my bed is too wet for use and I am afraid of getting leaked on while I sleep. This isn't problem number one or problem number 100. I haven't had a month here without problems, mostly because it takes more than a month to get anything fixed.

I have attached pictures of the leak, of the bucket that was left in my room, and of the wet stains on my bed.

I have begged, I have pleaded, I have contacted the front desk over and over, I have written a letter like this before on my previous leak but nothing seems to work. And now I am down to one question... What would you do in my place? Please answer me honestly.

Hilarious I know, but I need this fixed this weekend.

Feel free to call me on my cell ***-***-****.

Tenant in apartment F207,

Kristie Poll

Once again I say, never-ever under any circumstance, chose to live at the Heights At Lenox.



Jason Poll said...


Get one.


Things will get fixed faster, for sure.

Is your bed ruined? Fix it / get a new one, send them the bill, make sure your lawyer helps you to make sure everything is on the up-n-up.

Keep meticulous records, post your pictures, etc, etc...

Jerry said...

Send a copy of the letter to the Better Business Bureau...

They have to respond to your submittal within 3 days of your contact with the BBB. It always got answers really quick at a place I used to live. Then the BBB should contact you to verify the work was done.