Saturday, May 03, 2008

Love it, really I do...

So, I am loving my apartment. Don't believe me? Good, you shouldn't! The latest in the saga of the Heights... my car was towed last night!

What had happened was I got back from my friend Rachael's birthday party at Brick Store Pub last night. It was the most fun, I brought my friend Marcus and I met up with Rachael, Kyle, Trip and everyone else that came and we birthday partied it up! I don't have pictures but Rachael brought her camera so if I get pictures I will add them here.

After the party I dropped Marcus off at his house, we chatted for a minute, and I made it home around 1:00am, and found no parking anywhere. I circled and circled the lot but there was nothing at all. So, I decided to park next to someone else who parallel parked in a not-so-legal spot, figuring that I would be up and out in 6 and 1/2 hours anyway. Well, in that time the towing company stopped by and towed my car, but not any other car that was illegally parked!!

Needless to say I was angry. The reason there was no where to park is the gate to the complex is, and has been since I moved in, broken. Since its been broken people come into town, park there because its free, and then go out on the town. When they get back the pick up their car and leave, so even though there was no parking for me last night at 1am there was tons of parking at 7:30am when I was calling the towing company to find out where my car was. With all these 'great' changes they are doing to the complex and keeping me up all hours with their construction they have yet to fix the gate. Because of a broken gate I had to waste my time and money to get my car out of towing. Which made me about an hour late for work. Luckily my friend Marcus was nice enough to pick me up and take me to the towing company this morning to get the car!!

So, I finally broke down and wrote another letter to the apartment complex that went like this...

Please see the email below, which I sent in on April 2, 2008 with no response. I have also stopped into the office several times, spoken to the office staff, and they have taken the maintenance requests however, nothing has been fixed. I have to say that I have been a resident for almost a year and I have had more trouble than anything else. I haven't had one month go by without a maintenance or management issue and when I do have trouble I get just what I got here... no response.

Look back in my history and you will see I have been more than accommodating and helpful in trying to resolve the many issues from small appliance issues to mold, however I have never had a maintenance issue responded to in less than one week. And it has always taken a huge push from me with multiple letters, calls, and stops into the office to get trouble resolved. If you had to pay for my time in resolving issues you would be paying me to stay in your apartments! Any other apartment I have ever lived in has responded to all maintenance issues in less than 2 days after one quick email or call.

On top of this, the 'hot' water to my apartment has been lukewarm at best. When I take a shower I never actually use the cold water handle, and I am lucky if there is warm water or any water pressure. If I hope to get lucky enough to have hot water I must be up and in the shower at before everyone else and I must expect there to be no water pressure. When I wash my dishes I have been boiling my water first, just to have hot water.

Finally, I would like to discuss the broken gate. As on most weekend nights, last night I came home and there was absolutely no where to park. On the weekdays I am able to park without trouble however on the weekend the parking lot is full however I see no one having parties at their apartments. I work Saturday mornings and by the time I leave around 7:30am and as I am walking out the door I generally spot about 10 parking spaces available. The reasonable conclusion is people park in the complex because its free parking and by Marta, go out for the night, and then picking their cars back up after a night out. The problem for me, as well as other residents, is that when we want to park there is no where left. I came in at 1am and had to leave the this morning at 7:30am to go to work so I parked next to another car that parallel parked. By the time I walked out my car had been towed. Not only did I have to waste my time and resources getting my vehicle, I was late to work. Since my car was towed due a broken gate I conclude the fine for picking up my car should be paid by the complex.

I expect to be contacted Monday by Melissa, the property manager, on my cell at 404-323-1306.

What do you think? Not harsh enough? To harsh? If my life wasn't so up in the air right now I would be doing everything possible to get out of the place. But really, I am not sure if that is the prudent thing to be doing at the moment.

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