Thursday, May 08, 2008

A few small tears...

I have to be honest, because of my work schedule I haven't been to a real church service in months. Like, we are getting close to 6 months or something. And its starting to cut thru me. I know being in a church doesn't make me closer to God, however being surrounded by a group of people worshiping Him brings this peace, love, and feeling of intense happiness. Its so hard to describe, but I have felt void of that for quite some time.

It's not that I don't have worship time, I just do it in front of a computer while watching messages online, or with my head in the Word, or when I spend Monday nights with my community group. However there is just something about meeting in a large room with 1,000+ people, with rockingly loud music then a great time of worship with the same group of people that I miss. It is weighing more and more on my heart and on my head.

But, yesterday I was able to go to one sneak into one of the conferences during Drive for just a few minutes. I was able to stick my head in and listen to a bunch of church leaders sing and worship with a rocking band on stage, singing to and worshiping the God who loves me. It brought a few small tears to my eyes. I was only able to stay in the auditorium for a few minutes but it was exactly what I needed.

I want more.

Thank God!

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Anonymous said...

Remember.. He gives you the desires of your Heart. Right now it is in the right place.