Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday in the City

After work on Sunday I decided that I want to learn how to grill.  Believe me when I say that I think this each spring, try it once, and decide its not worth the hassle of getting everything together, going down to the courtyard with bags and dog in tow, forgetting matches, going back up to get them, then waiting for the grill to heat up, grilling and then toting everything back upstairs.

None the less, I tried it again this year.  So, after work I went home and got kabobs made.  And after chilling on the roof with Jennie and then us taking Preston for a walk I went down to the grill. And sitting outside with Preston waiting for food to cook made me think I could do this more often.  It was a beautiful Sunday.  Did I do a great job... no.  Was the food good in the end... yes.  Moral of the story...
  • Turn the heat down on the grill.  
  • Turn potatoes more often. 
  • Bring a watch.
Sorry guys, no pictures. What was I thinking??!?

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