Monday, December 31, 2007

What makes me feel 'old' at 27

I am sitting at work. I have no big New Years plans. And I told Kendol last night that I would prefer to get a bottle of wine, stay in, and fall asleep before the ball drops. I am turning into my parents. And that makes me feel old at 27.

What are your New Years plans??


Jerry said...

Yep, you are old. I hear it's nothing but dentures and Depends after 27.

Kristie said...

Luckily there were no dentures or depends for me... at least not yet! I did manage to make it out of the house! I am still young! Yipee!!!

Jason Poll said...

Well, I see from your other post that you did indeed get out for New Years Eve... Can't be getting too old. ;)

We did do the 'old people' thing and just remained home and did nothing. Well, I nerded out and played Oblivion on my new 360 (mmm...HD goodness.)

I knew 2008 had arrived when I heard people down the road shooting guns.

I felt really depressed at that moment, realizing that I really do live in the sticks. heh. I didn't even *think* about resolutions until yesterday for pete's sake!

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

Oh DEAR GOD!!!! if you're old than I'm a hundred and 50 (to quote Samantha)...sheesh, good thing I dragged you outta the house for an awesome NYrs w/ moi and my chef :)