Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why do I never remember my camera

This is the busiest time of year!! Why do I always forget to bring my camera?? And then, if I do actually remember to bring it why is it that I never remember to use it?

Last weekend I spent Friday making cookies (which, I amazingly I did remember to take pictures and once I pull them off my camera I will add them here) and then went to a cookie exchange. It was a ton of fun!!

Saturday night was the first of many Christmas parties. Gene and Alex hosted the party and I had a ton of fun. Alex was gracious enough to send out the pictures from the event. Here are some of them...

The festive red Christmas tree!!

Kendol & I in front of the tree!

Kendol & Bobby mid-conversation

Jesse & I posing for the camera.

VJ as the bartender.

On Monday my Community Group had our Christmas party at Pura Vida, which is only one of my favorite tapas restaurants ever!! Here is where I wish I would have remembered by camera... we don't have any pictures of all of us together. Instead of exchanging gifts each year we pool money for charity. This year we decided to go with Buckhead Church's drive to Be Rich. I am so glad we decide to give instead of get every year!!

Wednesday the Technical Solutions (aka IT for Buckhead, NorthPoint, and Browns Bridge) had our Christmas lunch which I previously blogged about.

Yesterday I helped my friends Ashley and Marcus move into their first house. They were my old neighbors at M Street Apartment and its sad that we now live further apart. But they moved into a really cute town home which is only a few minutes from the Farmers Market in DeKalb. I am so jealous!!

After the move was the Admin Christmas party for Buckhead, NorthPoint and Browns Bridge and it was held in the Attic at North Point... beautifully decorated. It was a lot of fun with dinner and the best chocolate milk ever (they had peppermint sticks and marshmallows... yummm!!!)!!!

After the Christmas party I picked up Kendol and we went to a going away party for a college friend of his. She has been going to school but decided she wasn't happy in her major, but has no clue what she wants to do. So, instead of spending a ton of money not doing anything she is going to go back home, live with her parents to save up some money, and decide what her next life step will be. I wish her luck and say a little prayer that she will find her direction!

But, this madness doesn't end. Here is my schedule for the next few days...

Saturday - work all day at Cbeyond then go to the Cbeyond Holiday party followed by the holiday after party (if I can make it)

Sunday - back to work at 8am, followed by church at 6pm and my friends Christmas Pot Luck at 7pm

Monday - my Friday at Cbeyond!! I then get to see my Community Group girls again!!

Tuesday - DAY OFF!!! Woo Hoo!! So far nothing major during the day. At night I get to see the progress that Ashley and Marcus made on getting their house together.

Wednesday - My Sex and The City night. After work at Buckhead Church (woo hoo) I get to hang out and watch SATC!!

Thursday - Work and work out (can't leave that out - Christmas time means a ton of food - none of it good for me)

Friday - ahhhhh relax

Wish me luck!! I want to make it to Friday!!! Hehe. But, I am looking forward to all the fun events coming up!

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